Things I Love

Since I choose to remain anonymous, I just wanted to share a bit more about myself. Also, as you figured by now, I adore making lists.

I will try to expand and modify this list as more stuff comes to mind. I also want to make this list universal and not just things that can be found in Singapore, like Durian. Those will appear on my other list – 100 Reasons to Be Happy in Singapore.

1. Beautiful colours like Bubblegum Pink, Powder Pink, Baby Blue, Cobalt Blue and blue toned Red
2. Sara Lee Chocolate Fudge Cake
3. Cute Chubby Babies
4. Ikea
5. When the Carpenters’ ‘Top of the World’ plays on the radio unexpectedly
6. Michael Buble’s seductive singing voice and charismatic personality
7. Escaping my cares and entering a new world with a good book
8. Christmas Carols
9. Fresh Falling Snow
10. Toddlers and Their Funny Tantrums
11. The Shaytards
12. Being friends with my cousins
13. Women’s Magazines with Happy Ideas, like Frankie
14. Wickedly Witty Celebrity Blog, D-Listed by the fabulous Michael K
15. iPad2 which I don’t own
16. Sweet slumber under a cosy quilt, while it’s raining outside
17. Making the Perfect Present for A Loved One
18. Reliving the joy with old Photo Albums
19. An unexpected old fashioned hand written letter in the mail
20. Exploring a new country for the very first time
21. Nordic Rooms with White Walls, Blonde Woods and tiny splashes of colour
22. Finding Your Innner Child – Swinging Real High On Iron Chain Swings in An Empty Playground
23. Finding a Great Book in Mint Condition at the Library
24. Fascinating Biographies
25. Travelling in a open air boat
26. Cold weather
27. Dressing sloppy and being comfortable
28. My super supportive blog readers and their kind comments
29. Laughter is really the best medicine and I get it from comedy – The Office (British and American versions), Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comedy of Ricky Gervais, The Comedy of Will Ferrell in Step Brothers, Tropic Thunder (Robert Downey Jr and Tom Cruise were brilliant), Hamm and Bubbly (Jon Hamm and Michael Buble combined on SNL was pure magic), Andy Samberg on SNL and really good SNL spoofs
30. Reading a book while having a latte in a quiet cafe
31. Browsing at Kinokuniya and Just the Thrill of Books Freshly Off the Press
32. Intelligent TV Shows like my current favourite, Mad Men and a series that ended, The Tudors.
33. Toasted White Bread with Butter and Jam, dunked in coffee. Gross I know.
34. The innocent charm of vintage shows like I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched.
35. Moleskins

3 Responses to Things I Love

  1. Hey BJ, and welcome back from your vacation. Hope it was a good one. 8)

    I love this list. I can completely relate to it. I think you must have copied and pasted it from me, just kidding, because there are quite a few similarities. There are only a couple I am not familiar with. I’ll have to read Theroux. You are ahead of me there.

    Keep up the great blogging. I especially love the food and menus. It makes me feel like I’m there.


  2. Jacqueline says:

    Love this list! I’m hoping for #9 in Atlanta tonight and seems we have much of the same superb taste in comedy! πŸ˜‰

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