Kampong Glam

This is starting to become one of my favourite places to walk around and find a bit of peace.

Milky Tea at Kampong Glam

Children Little Museum

Doinky Doodles at Bali Lane

Why I Love Haji Lane

Bussorah Street to Bugis MRT

Another Stroll Down Haji Lane

Thinking About Arab Street

Exploring Quaint Little Haji Lane

Blogging about Singapore’s Malay & Arab Quarter

Exploring Bussorah Street

Exploring Khandahar Street

3 Interesting Things I Saw at Khandahar Street

The Muscat Street Project

Malay Heritage Centre

Kampong Glam

Beautiful Turkish Lamps and Hookahs at Sufi’s Corner

Kampong Glam Architecture

Tourists Adore Our Arab Street District

Exploring Kandahar & Bassorah Street

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