My Trips Out of Singapore

I have been meaning to put all my travel posts together on one page. I love posting about my trips as soon as I get back, when the memories are fresh and I am still excited. So far these are the trips that I have blogged about:


Bintan: Just a Ferry Ride Away


Have you Been to Kochi in Kerala?
The Best Thing About Kerala – The People
Malabar Chips
Plagued by Sandflies
King Mahabali on a Motorbike
What I Learnt About Cochin
Fort Cochin
I Knew I was in India
Photos from a Houseboat
Crazy Cochin Traffic
Villagers in Kerala
Floating Flowers in an Uruli
Inside a Houseboat
Sunset from a Houseboat
Jiva Spa at Taj Malabar
Art & Sculptures at Taj Hotels
Gaggle of Geese at Taj Kumarukom
Chinese Fishing Nets


8 Things I Loved About Osaka and 4 Things I Won’t Miss
Halloween come early in Osaka
Osaka: Land of Pretty Bicycles
Osaka’s Fashionistas
Amazing Views from the Plane
Hanamaru in Osaka
Kuromon Ichiba
Baby animals in Osaka
Paul the Psychic Octopus won’t like it one bit in Osaka
Japanese School Uniforms in Osaka
Osaka French Pastries
Pretty in Pink
Journey to Osaka Castle Park
Lunch at Osaka Castle Park
Diamaru in Osaka
Osaka Kawaii
Starlet Shay’s Osaka and What I Saw

Ho Chi Minh

In Vietnam it’s the Year of the Cat
I Consulted Kaho’s Blog before my Trip to Vietnam
My Trip to Saigon
Arriving in Vietnam
Our Stay at Sheraton Saigon
Vietnam and My Expectations
Food Porn from my Trip to Vietnam
My 3 Embarrassing Travel Confessions
Did I Eat Crocodile in Vietnam?
Ho Chi Minh Reminded me of Paris
11 Memories of Vibrant Vietnam
Shopping in Vietnam: A List of 11 Things

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