Blogging at Singapore Actually

Delving more into the local scene and what everyone is talking about at Singapore Actually. It’s my other blog which I have neglected for quite a while. Hope you join me there as well.

Here are some of my more interesting and popular posts this week:

PAP MP, Penny Low, Caught Checking Handphone during National Anthem

NTU Valedictorian Trinetta Chong’s Speech and the F-Word

Brilliant National Day Spoof Video: Another Home, with Chua Enlai & Tin Pei Ling?

The Dead Fish Handshake

Ecoffee: Starbucks Knock-Off in Geylang

About Shanti

Started blogging on Wordpress at age 37. I’ve never stopped writing offline but as I approach 50, I find the need to revive this blogging habit.
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