3 Wish List Things that gasp, don’t include an iPad or iPhone

Warning: Indulgent and materialistic post up ahead.

If fairy godmothers who give out commercial products existed, these are 3 things I would wish for right now. Surprisingly not an iPad or an iPhone, neither of which I own and which I probably would have picked up immediately, a decade ago. (don’t get me wrong because I am a big Apple fan)

1. Frankie

Because I love the beautiful writing within and the vintage vibe. I read books, but I totally make an exception for this magazine which is so lovingly assembled. It almost seems hand crafted.

2. Nespresso Pixie

Because I am a coffee addict and am rationalizing that this is cheaper than buying them from the coffee chains? Well at least after a year.

3. Bose Noise cancelling on ear headphones

Because noise drives me totally bonkers and stresses the heck out of me, and I love the feel of the leather. Also, I don’t want to contribute to noise pollution either. So it works both ways.

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Blogging about my daily life in Singapore helps with my mid life crisis.
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4 Responses to 3 Wish List Things that gasp, don’t include an iPad or iPhone

  1. says:

    Ha ha ha on the above warning! It’s okay to be self indulgent on occassion. 🙂 I like your three choices but as a friend, I’d like to say you should get a used iphone on ebay. I LOVE mine. It’s changed my life for the better, mostly because of GPS and not feeling lost. I didn’t pay much and my monthly plan is great. Plus you get music, camera and endless applications. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten one yet.

    As far as the espresso machine goes, I thought the ad was incredibly beautiful but the other day I went into a HUGE electronic store and the coffee machines just seemed so pitifully over played that my heart craved a coffee house.

    Most Italians have no problems with these at home. http://whatscookingamerica.net/Beverage/MokaPot2.jpg

    Good luck though getting your heart’s desires!

  2. kirsten says:

    I would like noise-cancelling headphones, but then I realised that if I really had them, I would miss my stop on the MRT ALL THE TIME.

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