Architecture: White Chinese Temple

Am not sure if this is a Taoist or Buddhist temple that I saw along Bukit Merah Road. I just thought – what a striking white, framed by the trees. I am assuming this is a temple. I am not even quite sure about that.

photo by bookjunkie

Does anyone out there know more details, or been inside this striking building?

photo by bookjunkie

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7 Responses to Architecture: White Chinese Temple

  1. Crystal says:


  2. LL says:

    I am a nerd and did some searches. I know how frustrating it can be to not know what you are taking pictures of (all my travel posts took several hours of researching everything per post, incredibly painstaking if it is in chinese)

    The building, called chong hua tong tou teck hwee, is part of the Tian Tao organization. The details are found here (last paragraph is about the location in your post):

    I am not sure how reliable that post is, but at least it is something 🙂

  3. gurkhason says:

    They belong to a religion known as 一贯道, originating from Taiwan. The religion believes in the teaching, philosophy and principles of various religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Muslims, Hindus, but largely Confuciusnism. Most of the devotees are vegetarian, though they are lacto-ovo, means they do consume milk, eggs, etc.

  4. whatsaysyou says:

    That is so awesome 🙂

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