Mum Injects 8 year old with Botox

I am just horrified at the physical and psychological ramifications on that poor child. To me, this is child abuse.

I can’t imagine that the mother thinks there is nothing wrong with this. She is clearly living through her poor little daughter. Shouldn’t there be a law against this?

Blogger whatsaysyou talked about this issue some time ago.

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11 Responses to Mum Injects 8 year old with Botox

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Oh no! Not that mother again. Seriously this is abuse and yeah there should against what she is doing. Injecting botox in a kid’s face is wrong and yucky.

  2. ruth says:

    absolutely horrifying!! 😦

  3. 365days2play says:

    Doesn’t the mother think about what are the negative effects in the long run?

  4. bonnie says:

    this was on the news the other day, the mother is ridiculous, and how the daughter speaks when she was interviewed is very scary as well

  5. lampoondish says:

    Horrific. It’s a whole other realm from kiddie high heels and lipstick, but hopefully this never becomes normal.. The mom ought to have social services knocking on her door!

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