Vivienne Jolie is my Favourite Jolie Pitt

I love frowny babies. They make my ovaries ache.

{via Just Jared}

Vivienne Jolie looks so much more like big sister Shiloh now. But Shiloh definitely looks more like her dad while Vivienne looks like mum.

I also love Angelina Jolie’s handbag.

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4 Responses to Vivienne Jolie is my Favourite Jolie Pitt

  1. Lady J says:

    Yeah, she looks like’s been a while since I caught up with the twins’ pics.. hehe..

    • bookjunkie says:

      My partner and the older members of my family don’t like to read this kind of stuff on my blog…they probably think it’s superficial tabloid stuff. I try to avoid it, but I just can’t….I am a sucker for cute kids and celebs.

      • Lady J says:

        Actually, I enjoy reading your posts on celebs and their kids plus all your other posts. So, don’t pull the plug on celebs and their cute kids!

      • bookjunkie says:

        That’s great Lady J. Since this is my journal and since I want to be as authentic as I can…. I guess there’s no harm including whatever interests me like celebs and I am glad you like them too 🙂 It’s encouraging.

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