Singapore Food Trail at the Singapore Flyer Part 1 of 2

Wrote about my nostalgia for the old Singapore at Singapore Actually, but will do my usual food review with loads of photos here.

If you’re coming here by car, you need to take a lift up to the 2nd floor and then walk across the bridge.  Parking is expensive at S$1.20 every half an hour, but at least this way people won’t linger.  The Food Trail was already pretty crowded when I was there and I imagine there would be no seating room if it was located next to an MRT.  We Singaporeans love novelty.

photo by bookjunkie

The view from the bridge.

photo by bookjunkie

With a glimpse of the flyer. If I were not claustrophobic, I would like to try that thing. Just afraid it will get stuck midway and an hour for the slow ride just seems too long.

photo by bookjunkie

Loads of tour buses here.

photo by bookjunkie

Another look at the Flyer’s capsules.


photo by bookjunkie

I was impressed at first sight.

photo of bookjunkie

Perhaps to some young people this furniture may seem really old, but to me, not so much. I used a treadle sewing machine when I studied Home Economics in school and my mum used a beautiful Olivetti typewriter to type out her stuff.

photo of bookjunkie

I like how they tried to make the place look like a food street. Although I guess the area is a bit small, so a condensed version.

photo of bookjunkie

As you can see they attempted to re-create food carts on wheels on the ‘street’.

photo of bookjunkie

It was quite pleasant because even though it was open air – there were air-conditioning units that made it feel cool.

photo of bookjunkie

Fish ball noodles.

photo of bookjunkie

More of the street and the corner with old relics from the past.

photo of bookjunkie

An old jukebox with Singapore records. I wonder who donated all these items or where they were sourced from.


photo of bookjunkie

Goreng Pisang – fried banana which is one of my favourite Singapore snacks. Restaurants have taken to serving this with vanilla ice-cream, but it’s lovely just the way it is fresh out of the pan.

photo of bookjunkie

In the old days they used to just give it to us in a paper bags or with extra pieces of paper, if you bought more than one, because it was so piping hot and you needed the paper to prevent your fingers from getting burnt. Somehow the plastic bag seems so modern.

photo of bookjunkie

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5 Responses to Singapore Food Trail at the Singapore Flyer Part 1 of 2

  1. 365days2play says:

    Did you try pressing the buttons on the jukebox? It seems it will play the song you select, but I didn’t hear the Michael Jackson song I selected. Perhaps I didn’t wait long enough.

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  3. Dixie says:

    hi! do they sell those old items?

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