Vui Kong, You’re Just a Child to Me

Dear Vui Kong,

Happy Birthday. To me you’re just a child.  23 is so incredibly young.  When I was  23 I was often told I was innocent and green.  I fear that you were even more so, when you resorted to trafficking.  I feel that you had no idea what trouble you were getting yourself into.

I feel this gnawing ache that you are in prison on your birthday aware of the fate that awaits you.  I pray that you can get a second chance.  It would definitely renew my faith in humanity and my country.  I just feel in my heart that giving you a second chance is the right thing.  My heart tells me that you are a good boy who is loved by his family.

I came across this blogathon on Kirsten’s blog and thought I should write a little note to you as well.  I am sure that you are in the prayers of many people in Singapore and people who have heard your story.

Kirsten said it best, and I hope as many people who come to this little space on the interweb get a chance to read her moving letter at Funny Little World.

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5 Responses to Vui Kong, You’re Just a Child to Me

  1. kirsten says:

    Thank you! I’m printing this to add to the collection to pass over to him. 🙂

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