More Restaurants Open at Nex

I figured Lenas is a new local restaurant, but I wan’t too sure, so off I went to the Land of Google. Well my investigation reveals that it’s named after it’s local owner, Lena who also owns MOF. There’s already a branch at Bugis Junction.

There are both bad and good reviews at Hungry Go Where, so before you go here you can check them out. I always feel bad if I pan a new place and not give them a chance. The overall rating at this Food review website was 5 out of 10, which is not very encouraging to me, but I will leave you to make up your own mind. But if service is really bad to the point of rudeness, then I have no qualms panning a place.

If only I had limitless amount of calories to spend. Then I could try anything and everything and report back to you. Oh yes, I am forgetting about the $ cost factor as well, with my partner going broke. That’s why, unless a restaurant is authentic in terms of serving local cuisine (like Grandma’s) or authentic as in a chain from another country (like Freshness Burger from Japan), I tend not to be very adventurous.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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