Nicole Kidman’s Little Sister Living in Singapore

{Image: Womans Day}

It seems like everyone is coming to Singapore to live for while.  Must be the red hot economy which bodes well I think, mainly for people in Finance.

The latest famous person is Nicole Kidman’s younger sister Antonia who relocated to Singapore in January 2010.  Antonia, who is my age at 40,  just gave birth to her fifth child in Singapore.  Her new husband is Singaporean based  banker, Craig Marran.  The baby boy has been named Nicolas – probably as he’s a Christmas baby.  The name also sounds like the female version of Nicole.

They are reported to be staying in a house that rents for an eye popping S$10,000 a month.

It seems like they can walk the streets of Singapore without being recognized which must be pretty nice.

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2 Responses to Nicole Kidman’s Little Sister Living in Singapore

  1. 365days2play says:

    Oh no, now you’ve just made her more recognisable! Hahaha…guess Singapore is a nice place for the rich! Airconditioned house, car, office,shopping centre, spa…life is good.

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