Starletshay’s Osaka and What I Saw

Before I went to Osaka, all the travel guides pointed to Osaka Castle as the symbol of Osaka and an attraction not to be missed. It was the top attraction on Tripadvisor too besides the Aquarium which I missed (I think Singapore has a similar top-notch aquarium at Sentosa called Underwater World which I would love to check out again one day). Anyway I always try to avoid doing the check-off list thing. I’d rather just soak in the atmosphere. Somehow though, when you spot those landmarks it’s pretty thrilling and remarkable, and then you can’t help taking the requisite photos like the sucker tourist that I turned out to be.

These were the two symbols that if you had not seen them while at Osaka, you might kick yourself later. Especially the giant crab. Anyway we were lucky as these were both minutes away from our hotel.

The Gilico Man:

Everyone was posing with him. He’s like the Eiffel Tower of Osaka.

photo by bookjunkie

During the day. Tourist posing. Tourists include tourists from Japan as well. Actually quite a number of the tourists seemed to be from within the country or from China and Korea.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

The Giant Crab:

A video would have been better as the claws are constantly moving.

photo by bookjunkie

As I stood under it’s massive claws.

photo by bookjunkie

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