Paul the Psychic Octopus Won’t Like it One Bit in Osaka

The people in Osaka love Octopus. Not for football predictions Paul – to eat! It’s a delicacy that I don’t think I will acquire the taste for. I do love their over the top huge mascots though. Makes the city seem so alive and kicking. Osaka can never be accused of being drab.

photo by bookjunkie

In Osaka, the most famous street food is octopus balls. It’s called Takoyaki which literally means Octopus Baked. Boiled octopus in piping hot balls of cheese and flour doused with brown sauce, fish flakes and seaweed. I found the boiled octopus a bit hard to chew. You’re given 2 little wooden sticks and it was a messy affair as the balls easily disintegrate being heavy with cheese. I tried Takoyaki, because not to try it in Osaka would be akin to not trying goreng pisang (fried banana) in Singapore. I am not particularly fond of them and have never tried the ones sold in Singapore. They were tasty, but a little too salty. Melted cheese and mayo can make anything taste good to me. Sorry Paul!

photo by bookjunkie

I resisted buying Octopus ball keychains and pens, which were everywhere.

photo by bookjunkie

There were super cute octopus icons on signs, books and snacks.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

The street food. At some stalls there were long winding queues while others were empty. I suspect the ones with the queue must be the really good ones. When in doubt always follow the locals.

photo by bookjunkie

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