Floating Flowers in An Uruli

The trip to Kerala introduced me to this wonderful brass ornamental vessel called an Uruli or Varpu.  It is actually a Keralan cooking vessel which is now used more for decorative purposes.  It will lend an ethnic charm to your home.

The uruli or varpu comes in various sizes and is filled with water with cut flowers floated on the surface. It is really quite pretty and a most welcome sight when you enter a hotel. I saw this at all the Taj Hotels where we stayed and I am told they are used in homes as well. They are a bit too heavy to buy home.We found out that one very small vessel weighs 2kg. I wonder if you can find these in Singapore’s Little India in Serangoon Road. Maybe one day I should explore and let you know. I am sure the prices in Singapore will be marked up. The smallest unpolished vessel at a tiny stall we were brought to in Cochin, cost about $25 Singapore dollars. We saw a polished and slightly larger version in the Taj Malabar Hotel that was selling for $90 Singapore dollars.

I took photos whenever I saw them. I really loved the floating lotuses the best. Just looking at them made me feel so serene and at peace.

Taken at the Garden at Taj Kumarukom.

photo by bookjunkie

Floating rosepetals in an uruli on the houseboat.

photo by bookjunkie

Pink Lotuses and candles lend a wonderful atmosphere at night.

photo by bookjunkie

The smaller uruli is used to place a single flower and floating candle which has a brilliant effect at night.

photo by bookjunkie

In the lobby of the Taj Residency.

photo by bookjunkie

Our driver Suresh showed us a shop in the touristy Fort Cochin which had the largest Uruli ever.

photo by bookjunkie

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