#41. Satire on Local Blogs

I found this poster on the Blog, The Online Citizen on how to be a patriotic Singaporean and had a good chuckle over it. Joshua Chiang is brilliant in capturing our frustrations. Yup, I can see it….I bet it’s close to the truth that Singaporeans only spend 1 minute a day to make a baby.  We are too exhausted and stressed out for anything more. This is so funny! I think only Singaporeans who have been following the local headlines and debates will get it. One more thing to bring a smile to my face on this Tiny Island.

Even The Noose (satirical local TV Show – the only local show I watch) chips in on our declining birth rates.  I love Michelle Chong’s comedic brilliance.  She’s so underrated as an actress.

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Blogging about my daily life in Singapore helps with my mid life crisis.
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2 Responses to #41. Satire on Local Blogs

  1. Tes says:

    This looks like a great list! The picture looks amazing.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    Thanks for dropping by Tes 🙂

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