#21. No Chewing Gum Under My Shoe

I used to get chewing gum stuck under my shoes all the time. It was infuriating. I also hated encountering gross wads of gum stuck under movie theatre seats. Since 1992, that problem has vanished.

When the infamous chewing gum ban was introduced in 1992 I was embarrassed to be a Singaporean. We were becoming a laughing stock in the world’s news. We were already known as a ‘fine’ city. I found out that what prompted the law, was gum, jamming the doors of our brand new subway trains.

Anyway when the law was announced, I started craving for gum in a maddening way. I resorted to buying a pack across our waters in Malaysia. I was asked at the customs by a police offer, if I had gum with me, and being the fool that I was, I immediately confessed. I was just given a warning to not do it again as the law was pretty new then.

Now I am putting it on my happy list. I can do without the scraping the gum off the shoe, and the additional calories anyway.

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Blogging about my daily life in Singapore helps with my mid life crisis.
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6 Responses to #21. No Chewing Gum Under My Shoe

  1. As a teacher I have to always tell me students the no gum rule. As a mom my kids LOVE chewing gum, my husband too. I don’t like it. I think our world we be a better place without it. That’s just my two cents.


  2. bookjunkie says:

    gum can be pretty addictive. If I get a taste of it I’ll probably want it everyday 🙂 They still allow you to buy dental gum here, but you have to show your ID card and sign in at the pharmacy for it..like it’s a drug!

  3. V. interesting. ID card for chewing gum for medical reasons. More info for my brain to chew. hmmm.

  4. viviene says:

    That’s what I was about to say! Singapore is a “fine” city! Hahaha.. I think I got that shirt for my brother when I went to Singapore some years ago~


  5. Agagooga says:

    Actually bringing in gum for personal use is okay, just not import for commercial purposes

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