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Please visit me at Singapore Actually. I’ll be blogging there from now as I moth ball this blog.

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My Blog Journey will Continue at Singapore Actually

I’ve been blogging for 7 months on the domain that I bought from host Go Daddy, Singapore Actually, and 17 months on my free WordPress blog Tiny Island. I always intended to just blog at Singapore Actually instead, and I never intended for it to be about politics, but just about life in Singapore. I never expected that I would be caught up in the wave of excitement that was the Elections. I have to confess it was an exhilarating time. There was also this liberating feeling that perhaps it was ok to discuss what was on our minds. What was previously taboo.

Lately, juggling two blogs has given me a spilt personality. Sometimes I just get confused and I don’t know at which blog to put up a post. I’ve always intended to continue blogging at the paid domain, but I just could not let go of this old faithful WordPress.com blog. I find that I prefer writing about things I have experienced, like sucky workplaces and wonderful travels within this tiny island and outside of it. I enjoy posts that are useful to the reader and require some research.

I was wondering whether to pay for a transfer of all my posts (one time fee) or whether to pay for a redirect (yearly fee), but maybe I’ll just move them all slowly, the manual way. I feel like such a cheapo. But really it’s because I’m a control freak. Also, I feel crappy for already paying for the domain and not making a cent out of it (I’m kinda lousy in that department and just want to indulge in writing). Well I’ll try the manual thing till it gets too tedious and I say heck it and pay for the WordPress Happiness Engineers to do the job.

One advantage of the manual transfer is that it will force me to confront my bad writing and do some editing – finally. It will also be fun to look at old posts and decide what the keepers are.

Right now I am going back to my very first now non-functioning blog from 2006 and slowly transferring posts to Singapore Actually. They sound so silly now, but I enjoy re-experiencing these old memories.

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